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Defining God

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“What could define God [is thinking of God] as the embodiment of the laws of nature. However, this is not what most people would think of that God They made a human-like being with whom one can have a personal … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving – Secular or Sectarian

Boy, there is a lot to write about this week, besides the obvious Thanksgiving Day column. All that talk about turkeys reminds me about the television comedy, the 2012 Republican presidential primaries. Then there are the land grabs by the … Continue reading

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Petition + Payments = Bribery

Have you been following the story about the residents at the Columbia Regency mobile home park? Have you figured out the back story yet? If not, let me give you a hint – possible bribery and voter manipulation. OK, that … Continue reading

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Moral lapses on both sides of the aisle

This column has been in the making for some time now. From comments sent directly to my email concerning my position and opinions concerning Islam, cigarette smoking and women’s rights, including a thinly veiled threat to my well being, it … Continue reading

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Church and State Separation

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This last Monday, I was invited to speak to the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Central Missouri. A wonderful group; lots of questions; not many answers. I am always looking for answers. The topic of the discussion was … Continue reading

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Speaking Engagement – 2011 Fall MU-SASHA Conference

On October 31, 2011, I had the wonderful opportunity to address the Skeptics, Atheists and Secular Humanist Association of the University of Missouri. (MU-SASHA). Along with four other wonderful speakers, this two day conference was a great success. You can … Continue reading

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Parenthood Amendment Forces Religion into Government

The line between church and state is being threatened. This includes many of the liberties we honor in the First Amendment of the Constitution. And the epicenter of these attacks are on the reproductive rights of women. If you believe … Continue reading

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Paul, Cain, Romney and Perot

I learned a great lesson on winning friends and influencing people (sorry Mr. Carnegie) when I was working for the Gary Hart for President campaign. It is a lesson I give my students and clients – business and political. It … Continue reading

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Reaffirm Jobs, Not Mottoes!

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What do we want? – JOBS! When do we want them? – NOW! Jobs should be the number one issue of the United States Congress. We should be moving forward and not backwards in our legislature. So why is the … Continue reading

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