An Atheist Invocation

The Supreme Court in Galloway v. The Town of Greece (NY) found that a religious invocation prior to a city council meeting or any governmental meeting as long as the “prayer” was not anti-non-Christian or proselytizing. Based on this ruling, … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby decision right?

There has been a lot written by the liberals and conservatives concerning the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (13–356, 724 F. 3d 377) SCOTUS decision. One side screaming the decision was against women’s reproductive rights and the other a decision for religious freedom. … Continue reading

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Ground Zero Cross and American Atheists

Alana Marie Burke wrote a wonderful column for the online magazine Liberty Voice in opposition to the American Atheists argument that the cross displayed at the Ground Zero Memorial needs to be removed for it 1) violated the First Amendment’s … Continue reading

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Are you a Theist, A-theist or Anti-theist?

I have a friend named Don who is a want-to-be philosopher. He argues many points of atheism and religion, believes that his power of deduction is correct and will reveal the truth. In reality, he sometimes just powers his way … Continue reading

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Faith v. Science – A response to Pieter de Graaff

“Religion is one of mankinds (sic) prime properties as from mankinds (sic) origin. Therefore science will never be able to win,” wrote Pieter de Graaff on the Richard Dawkins LinkedIn page. As you can imagine, he has received a lot … Continue reading

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Church Using Hitler Quote!

Nothing has been happening in the world of religion and I have not been inspired to write… UNTIL NOW. It was the headline on a Raw Story article that caught my attention: “Alabama Bible school puts Hitler quote on billboard … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Insults Christians

If you have not heard, Sarah suffers from “foot-in-mouth” disease and is now in trouble with the Christian right, middle and left. Yes, she has pissed off everyone. You see, Sarah was a keynote speaker at the NRA’s “Stand and … Continue reading

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Religious Wars

On LinkedIn’s Sociology Religious group, Aman Shah of Pakistan asked a simple question: Does local / religious leader play an important role in settling feuds? Well, not as simple as to garner a simple answer as “No.” In fact, it … Continue reading

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Boston and Kansas City: A Call for a Secular Humanist Response

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The chairman of the Islamic Cordoba Initiative Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf wrote a column for the Huffington Post concerning American’s response to Muslims after the Boston Marathon bombing last year and on the one-year anniversary. “Marathon Bombing Anniversary Demands Interfaith … Continue reading

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Book Review: The answer to bad religion is not no religion

There is a premise that begins this tale of good versus bad religion: The reader must be a believer.   The title of Rev. Martin Thielen’s first book provides an idea of where his second is going: What is the … Continue reading

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