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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. – Ernest Hemingway

David is an award winning author, and contributing editor to one-dozen professional development textbooks and a college level workbook for “The Management of Human Resources.”

Today, he is writing for the general market with three current titles and two more in the works.

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A Christian Nation?: An evaluation of Christian nation theories and proofs is a comprehensive examination of the religiosity of the United States from the Massachusetts Bay Colony to the 2012 presidential elections. To answer the question, “Was the United States founded as a Christian nation?” Subjects include: Muslims and Columbus, The Mayflower Compact, court actions, America’s two governing documents, “In God We Trust,” and more.

“In summary, this turned out to be a worthwhile book to read. I learned a lot from of it and I really appreciate the author’s diligence in providing reference material. It’s a hot topic issue and this book provides sound compelling arguments that can only lead to one undeniable conclusion: we are a secular nation with currently a Christian majority. It may be a little rough around the edges but this book ultimately enlightens.”  J. Gomez an Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Available at Amazon.com (Paperback and e-Book) and Barnes and Noble.

Resume Book CoverJob Search 2011 – The Resume  The Resume takes a very practical look at the resume and what is does and does not do.

“Here is the only truth about your job search – You resume is designed to have you rejected from the hiring pool.”

This is a practical use guide to a resume format designed for being read by a human or by machine. Where most resumes have a 1- to 2-percent response rate, in 2013 the new format has tested to a 9-percent response rate.                                                              Available through Amazon.com

The Clobber Passages – The biblical arguments against marriage equality  The Torah and the Christian Bible (as well as the Qur’an) denounce homosexual sexual relations; that cannot be denied. Those opposed to marriage equality refer to “The Clobber Passages,” a collection of 13 biblical passages that appear to denounce homosexuality, and center around the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Genesis 18:16 to 19:28. However, are these arguments valid biblically and legally?                                 Availability: e-Book.

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Zen and the Art of Public Speaking Most public speaking popular and academic books and websites can give you a lot of general information and it is all the same. That is not what Zen is about. With over 20-years of speech communication teaching, speech writing and presentations, David provides practical ways to overcome the basic problems with giving a public presentation, starting with the most important – Breathe!           Available in eBook format.