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Teaching Religion In Missouri High School

It is up to the citizens of Missouri to recognize that Christianity is not the sole religion of this state. Continue reading

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Dear Attorney General Josh Hawley…

You cannot have it both ways. Either the state constitution is a governing document or it is a “tradition,” but not both. As the AG, you should understand that the law is the law. The state constitution should be considered … Continue reading

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Apathy, not new ordinance, threatens civil liberties

Reprinted with permission of the Columbia Missourian. This deals with a rather small issue in Columbia Missouri, but the bigger issue, ‘apathy until it concerns you,” is true no matter what level of government you seek. When it finally does … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to J. Karl Miller

This gallery contains 7 photos.

J. Karl Miller is a friend and fellow columnist on Thursdays for the Columbia Missourian. He is the conservative to my liberal points of view. We have defended each other many a time and have disagreed often. He is a … Continue reading

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Missouri’s Voter ID Bill

“Rumors about Missouri’s pending voter identification bill have portrayed it as discriminatory and disenfranchising, wrapping more red tape around an already sticky system for exercising our constitutional right to vote. It is — but first, let’s get our facts straight.” … Continue reading

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