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I shall have liberty to think for myself without molesting others or being molested myself.— John Adams, August 1756

Four reasons to contact David to speak to your organization

1. Dynamic 

David practices what he teaches. Your audience are motivated, informed and better communicators!  What others say about David…

“David’s writing talent and experience in the world of business communications made the choice of Rosman & Associates a “no brainer” as the “go to” firm to get my executive job search revitalized.” B. Harris, Business Professional

“I seldom deal with people who teach me one thing every time I am in their presence. Acute mind, extreme patience, proven ability, outstanding friend, are some of the thoughts that come to mind, for a man that has, and will have a legacy that is built upon exceeding excellence. All of this and I have yet to comprehend the genius that is David.” Tyree Byndom, Radio Host and Business Professional

2. Enthusiasm

David’s humor, knowledge and motivational style delivers high quality information and messages to a new level; helping develop audiences to become greater than the sum of their parts – A true “Synergy.”

 3. Award Winning

The winner of the Interactive Media Council’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Politics and twice nominated for the Kulp-Wright Award for Excellence in Education, David provides a unique and exciting perspective on issues of the day, whether politics, religion, public speaking or how to cook better pancakes.


 4. Knowledge

David is the weekly commentator for the Columbia Missourian and InkandVoice Editorials and a book reviewer for the New York Journal of Books.

He has taught Public Speaking and Persuasion for over 30-years and is the author of more than one-dozen professional development and two college textbooks.

His first general public book, A Christian Nation? An examination of Christian nation theories and proofs was released in December, 2011.

Contact information:
David Rosman