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David Rosman

Noted for his sense of humor and laidback style, and providing “real world” practical “Use Now” information to clients and students since 1992, Zen and the Art of Public Speaking and Persuasion is a must for novice or seasoned speaker.

From fighting Stage Fright to organizing the presentation and asking for the __________ (business, vote, donation, cooperation, approval, etc.), to handling the infamous Impromptu speech and Q&A session,  it is not how good you are, but how good the audience thinks you are. And that is where Zen will take the participant.

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  • Stage Fright, Learning how to Breath, Psycho-Cybernetics, Handling Total Technical Failure
  • Persuasion v. Information, Intent v. Perception, Knowing Who “They” Are
  • The Conversation, The Impromptu, and The Q&A 
  • Death by PowerPoint, Tricks of the Trade or “What They Won’t Tell You.”

Available in Keynote or Seminar Formats

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