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Growing Christian Intolerance

The headline told the entire story: “Atheist Receives Death Threats After Ten Commandments Decision.” The story itself is quite simple. An atheist family, with the support and assistance of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, successfully filed suit against a Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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Trump’s Religious Discrimination

As they argue Trump’s ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries in the courts, the administration continues to maintain that major media outlets are not reporting on all terrorist activities. I had the opportunity to read through the list … Continue reading

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An Unsettled Complaint

I have been quite annoyed reading posts from my fellow atheists as of late. There seems to be a lot of anger concerning religion in general, resulting in a lot of foul language and demeaning accusations (justified or not). We … Continue reading

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Bill Nye the Science Guy was Wrong

I really hate to disagree with a hero, but that is something I am going to do. In an interview on the show Mid-Point, Bill Nye was asked why the idea of evolution is so disliked in so many households. … Continue reading

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Cameron, Christmas and Pagans

Kirk Cameron, that wise and sometimes gothic voice of the Christian faith (I am still wondering which Christian faith he represents), is making a bold statement in his upcoming film “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas.” His claim? The pagans are hijacking … Continue reading

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Satanists Display in Florida Capitol

It’s official. The red state of Florida is allowing the Satanists to have a display in the state capitol rotunda in Tallahassee. According to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the rotunda in the capitol was designated as … Continue reading

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Destruction of the Ten Commandments

On Friday October 24, 2014, Michael Tate Reed II drove to the state capitol building in Oklahoma City and ran into the Ten Commandments monument, destroying the six-foot tall monolith. Though erected in possible violation of the First Amendment’s “Establishment Clause,” its … Continue reading

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Drawing the line on religious practices in schools

Reprinted with the permission of the Columbia Missourian. Originally posted on wednesday, October 22, 2014. Oct. 16 was “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” as declared by the Alliance Defending Freedom, formerly Alliance Defense Fund. If you noticed, there was no uproar from … Continue reading

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Justice Antonin Scalia is Wrong – We do Have Freedom From Religion.

I know where Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is coming from. I know his conservative leanings and his religious fervor. I know that his mind is set on certain issues. But to hear him talk about the separation of church … Continue reading

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Are you a Theist, A-theist or Anti-theist?

I have a friend named Don who is a want-to-be philosopher. He argues many points of atheism and religion, believes that his power of deduction is correct and will reveal the truth. In reality, he sometimes just powers his way … Continue reading

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