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Workplace Religious Discrimination

My employer hired an outside person who had the same credentials as I with one exception which I found out later after I had left the Division – she was a “good Christian.” Continue reading

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Religious Freedom v. The U.S. Attorneys’ General

February 9, 2018 – I think it is wonderful how the current administration ignores the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause to give rise to their Christian theocracy. Last year the administration instructed the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to … Continue reading

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Holiday Ramblings 2017

December 25, 2017 – I never enjoyed the “holidays.” Not quite “Buh Humbug,” but there is no feeling of joy or family. A harsh statement, but the reality is that I spent most of my childhood in my dad’s bicycle … Continue reading

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Growing Christian Intolerance

The headline told the entire story: “Atheist Receives Death Threats After Ten Commandments Decision.” The story itself is quite simple. An atheist family, with the support and assistance of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, successfully filed suit against a Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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Trump’s Religious Discrimination

As they argue Trump’s ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries in the courts, the administration continues to maintain that major media outlets are not reporting on all terrorist activities. I had the opportunity to read through the list … Continue reading

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An Unsettled Complaint

I have been quite annoyed reading posts from my fellow atheists as of late. There seems to be a lot of anger concerning religion in general, resulting in a lot of foul language and demeaning accusations (justified or not). We … Continue reading

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Ground Zero Cross and American Atheists

Alana Marie Burke wrote a wonderful column for the online magazine Liberty Voice in opposition to the American Atheists argument that the cross displayed at the Ground Zero Memorial needs to be removed for it 1) violated the First Amendment’s … Continue reading

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Are you a Theist, A-theist or Anti-theist?

I have a friend named Don who is a want-to-be philosopher. He argues many points of atheism and religion, believes that his power of deduction is correct and will reveal the truth. In reality, he sometimes just powers his way … Continue reading

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Religious Wars

On LinkedIn’s Sociology Religious group, Aman Shah of Pakistan asked a simple question: Does local / religious leader play an important role in settling feuds? Well, not as simple as to garner a simple answer as “No.” In fact, it … Continue reading

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Military ruling must meet spiritual needs of all groups

Printed with permission by the Columbia Missourian… Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | 12:00 p.m. CDT BY DAVID ROSMAN Secular humanism and atheism are not religions. All atheists are secular humanists, but not all secular humanists are atheists. Some are agnostics, … Continue reading

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