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Bladensburg Peace Cross

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The Supreme Court said that the 40-foot, 16-ton Peace Cross, a Latin cross, standing in a Bladensburg, Maryland public park could continue to be displayed. Continue reading

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An Atheist Invocation

The Supreme Court in Galloway v. The Town of Greece (NY) found that a religious invocation prior to a city council meeting or any governmental meeting as long as the “prayer” was not anti-non-Christian or proselytizing. Based on this ruling, … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby decision right?

There has been a lot written by the liberals and conservatives concerning the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (13–356, 724 F. 3d 377) SCOTUS decision. One side screaming the decision was against women’s reproductive rights and the other a decision for religious freedom. … Continue reading

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SCOTUS and Marriage Equality

As I am writing this, the Supreme Court’s “Short Slips” concerning DOMA and California’s Proposition 8 are being delivered. Others will be more eloquent and precise as to the interpreting the Court’s rulings and who stood on which side of … Continue reading

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