I am a “self-hating Joooo”

“Arrrgggg! Where are these people getting these thoughts? These conspiracies that liberals and President Obama are out to destroy the world, one person at a time? Why do we give FoxNews a moment of our time? Why do I care? Because I am a Commie, pinko, hippy freak, liberal, progressive, Democrat, skeptic, atheist. That’s why!”

FoxNews is known (?) for its fair and balanced reporting (??), right??? So where do they get the idea that the suicide of a young man on the evening of President Obama’s speech and that speech were somehow connected?

I am afraid we will never know, because shortly after the story ran its course and then received so many complaints, it was taken off line. Does this mean that someone at Fox has a centrist brain? Mostly no, but we could pray couldn’t we? That is, of course, if you are not an atheist like me. We can always look to bribe somebody in a Fox newsroom to say something good about liberals.

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