It’s About Politics

Last week I wrote a somewhat scathing column in the Columbia Missourian concerning the attempt of the ACLU’s Eastern Missouri Affiliate to disband the Mid-Missouri Chapter. Needless to say, that that commentary resulted in numerous responses, mostly good, some bad and one hateful. Not all agreed with me. What I found most interesting was the response I received at the meeting at the ACLU-EM headquarters in St. Louis. Here is my version as to what happened.

One of the first people I met entering the ACUL-EM building was the affiliate’s executive director Brenda Jones. Ms. Jones did not respond to the original column, but she did read it. She was not very happy with me. However, I received a warm handshake and a “We’re good.” from Ms. Jones and I was at ease. Mostly.

What did bother me was something said by Board of Trustees President Mondi Ghasedi.

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