First Contact

No, not with the aliens, but you may think so…

New technologies have caused a lot of changes, including that of job hunting in this brave new world. You will now find possible position choices in the newspapers and other traditional outlets, as well as online through,, and many professional associations and company web sites. Most organizations will ask for an online job application, which has increased dramatically with larger organizations using computer applications to whittle down the applicant field.

The methodology used to contact an applicant once they have been separated from the herd has also changed. More than a dozen recruiters and recruiting managers responded to my research query are saying the same things. A telephone is still the primary method of first contact, yet more and more are using emails and LinkedIn messaging to establish that initial connection. And this is not only in the US, but overseas as well. Respondents from England and India are increasingly using LinkedIn as an applicant search and contact.

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