Voter Fraud is Not the Issue

Who's behind the curtain?Is voter fraud that big a problem? Is the proposed voter-identification law even necessary? One of my regular readers, Gene Crain of Georgia, seems to think so.
“I think SB-3 is right on point. We must have voter clarity so that only our citizens can vote. I think Missouri is just trying to prevent illegals and maybe nonresidents from influencing the vote,” Crain said.
Let’s continue the conversation from last week:
Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias said in a 2008 interview, “The Justice Department has prosecuted only a handful of voter fraud cases (during the Bush) administration. I’m aware of there being seven in Milwaukee, four in Kansas City, Missouri, one in Colorado (but) … there had not been any voter fraud prosecutions filed by the U.S. attorney since 1992.”

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