Bidding for Candidates

I feel much better now. Maybe.

After the holiday week, during which I mostly wrote, taught and otherwise stayed away from crowds and those blasted fireworks displays (pun intended), I got back to politics and my source of all news, the evening talk shows. That didn’t help much because most were reruns. So, I went back a bit further and watched the June 30 editions of The Colbert Report and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

It was the Colbert Report that caught my attention, that campaign reform as we know it is a myth. His own Colbert Super PAC is not a joke, though this will be an additional source of joviality over this entire political presidential season. That’s sixteen more months! Wow.

Why is this important? Because Super PACs fall into a strange world – the science of the Unlimited Money without knowing who the real contributors are, a Black Hole. Colbert then defined that Black Hole as the ability “to raise unlimited moneys, and use their moneys to determine the winners of the 2012 elections.”

Ah, America, where elections can still be bought by corporations, organizations, the Koch brothers, and now, Stephen Colbert.

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