July 4 is for hope

Washington and fireworksIt is the Fourth of July as I write and though I should be taking the time off to relax and reflect, I am self-employed and work does not just turn off; even this, the writing my weekly commentary.

My reflections go back a couple of weeks, noting the success I have had in my newest career as author, publisher, public relations manager and social network promoter. My book is all but done, with only the index to be completed before submission. I have been on or invited to be interviewed on three radio talk shows since June 25 to speak about the book. Even my upcoming interview on “Close to the Tee,” which will focus on golf, will allow me to promote the book.

My reflections include the American experiment, the current (but not the first) divide between American political camps. Reflections to those who are in the military and our veterans, with my father, a World War II Distinguished Flying Cross winner, being my hero.

And to the wonderment of James Madison ,who masterminded one of the greatest compromises in history, the American Constitution.

I am also concerned about what I am hearing from citizens on the street and such great minds as Pulitzer Prize winner George Will of the Washington Post; that the Constitution is not a living document, that the country (read “Obama” and “liberals”) has fallen away from the Constitution, and Americans have lost their moral compass. They are wrong.

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