A response to a Christian Nation theorist

Who is Dennis Brady? “[A] Concerned American Conservative Libertarian who loves his God, country, his heritage and the US Constitution.”  His writing are found in his “Blog of Constitutional Libertarian Opinions and Historical Reflections”

In his most recent blog posting, titled America 2011: God No Longer Needed, Religion Banned from the Public Square, Mr. Brady is upset with the United States and President Obama’s decision to bury Osama Bin Laden at sea in accordance to Islamic belief. He wrote:

I found this ironic in light of the Obama administration’s distaste of any affirmation of religion, especially any that affirms our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage. 

I am not exactly sure from where that comes. Many organizations wishing stricter Church/State separation were highly upset when the President hosted the annual National Day of Prayer breakfasts in 2009, 2010 and 2011. As my dad would say, if both sides are upset, the President must be doing something right.

As with many Christian nation theorists, Mr. Brady provides his proofs in terms of court decision and quotes from our founders.  My upcoming book, A Christian Nation? An objective evaluation of objective evidence, discusses these very proofs.

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