A Response to Fr. Richard Patrika

I have an RSS feed on my Android device that locates news articles and columns concerning religion and government. While I was searching for Texas governor Rick Perry’s governors Christian communal, I stumbled upon a letter to the editor from Father Richard Partika of Duluth, Minnesota, to the Duluth News Tribune.

Fr. Richard Partika

In his letter, Father Partika makes a number of assertions that are either incorrect or misstated. Graduating from St. Louis University, I was immersed in Catholicism for four-years – at least the Jesuit version of Catholicism. One of important lesson I still cherish is not to take anything for granted and if some is wrong, try to make it right. One of the reasons I teach college today.

Fr. Partika’s letter deals with; Christianity under attack, Jefferson referred to the Ten Commandments in the Declaration of Independence, and that “evidence in documents, speeches, monuments and inscriptions on government buildings are in harmony with religion, the Declaration and the Constitution.” The vast majority of students of history know otherwise.

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