Whole Foods Celebrates Ramadan

Whole Foods is celebrating Ramadan and they are receiving a lot of heat from it; mostly from the anti-Islamic and Islamophobic isolationists within our religious and ethnic diverse boarders. That should come as no surprise.

From those who mistakenly believe that the United States is politically a Christian nation, wanting their god or gods (depending on how one counts) and their holy books to be the soul and sole laws of this nation.

From those most unpatriotic people wanting to rid the Constitution of its pluralism and recognition that all faiths are equal in the eyes of our democratic republic. Who claim that Muslims, all Muslims, are terrorists, including American Muslims fighting side-by-side with those of all faiths against the terrorists who happen to use Islam as their justification.

From those most irreligious American men and women, many of who claim that Islam is a violent religion, discounting any proofs that shows Christianity and Judaism equally as violent. Who will not recognize that many U.S. home-grown terrorists use Christianity as the basis for their actions, including the Ku Klux Klan, the white Christian supremacist movements, and the anti-abortionists who target doctors and women’s facilities with rifles and bombs.

Not all Christians, mind you; just a select few who are hoping that no-one will ask a question and that everyone will turn a blind eye. The true hypocrites of the faith and the Constitution.


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