The 13th Crusade – Terror, Fear and Paranoia

The 13th Crusade – Terror Fear and Paranoia – There will be thousands of memorial editorials and commentaries concerning the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, our generation’s “Day of Infamy.” This is not one of them.

In my Wednesday, September 7 column in the Columbia Missourian, I talk about how the terrorists winning – How America still lives under the twin umbrellas of fear and paranoia.

What I do not talk about is the source of the current fear and paranoia.  I do not talk about those who feed and perpetuate those fears: The political activist of the Christian right-wing right-wingers.

Not all politically conservative Christians and certainly not all Christians. More specifically, I am focusing on apocalyptic, fundamentalist and apologetic Christians who have made it their political mission to turn our war against terrorism in to a holy war against Islam.

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