Columbia’s dysfunctional transit system needs complete overhaul – A commentary

Rosman Rule #3 – Do not complain unless you have a solution.

It was shameful. Last week’s City Council meeting included discussing the proposed 2012 city budget and fee increases across the board, from Public Health and Human Services to Park’s and Recreations. Yet the chambers were only half full and the Mike Matthes budget would have gone unchallenged if it were not for one item.

Before the chamber doors opened, Grass Roots Organizing (GRO) had their table – really an ironing board – set in waiting to snag up people, asking them to sign postcards to the mayor and members of Council in opposition of the transportation rate increase. Their argument – those on fixed income, especially those with disabilities, will no longer be able to afford public transportation.

I was not planning to say anything at the meeting. I really wasn’t, that is until our city manager fondly compared Columbia to Boulder, Co. I needed to make an important point.

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