Do Atheists have Community?

About one-month ago, I posted a YouTube video in response to what I thought was a legitimate attack on atheists by a

conservative-Christian damning all atheists to hell – twice! I was almost immediately informed that the informed by more than a few that the videos posted by Edward Current are satires.

Usually, I expect about 30 to 40 comments in the threaded discussions in the LinkedIn groups where I regularly post my blogs. However, “Atheists are going to Hell! Really?” had garnered over 140 in the Freethinkers group. I am impressed with the quality of the conversation as well as the quantity.

There are always a few who get angry and leave and the reasons very as the people. There are also who take a point to nausea and are angered that others still disagree.

As I mentioned below, I usually allow these thread to continue without interference, each having a life of its own. However a comment that was repeated numerous times needed to be corrected.

Dr. Stephen Wade • There is no such thing as an atheist ‘community’ because atheism is not a belief system, it refers to the absence of a belief. Atheists might more positively be described as ‘skeptic’ meaning ‘one who makes choices’ as opposed to blind faith. 

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