Defining “Religion”

You may recall that Rev. Jeffress introduced Gov. Rick Perry to the Valued Voters Conference. In that introduction he declared that though Mitt Romney is a moral man, he is not an Evangelical Christian. By declaring such, Jeffress declared that only a good Evangelical Christian could be President.

During his interview after the comments and again on Hardball, Jeffress attempted to back step his comments by saying that his goal is to unseat President Obama and if the person who is not an Evangelical is nominated for the Republican ticket, he would vote for that person, but with reservations.

The problem here is any attempt to define the term “religion?” This is a major topic within the LinkedIn Freethinkers group that has generated over 160 comments. Membership here is by far not limited to heathens and heretics. But even the believers were having problems with this one question.

 How does one define “religion?”

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