Paul, Cain, Romney and Perot

I learned a great lesson on winning friends and influencing people (sorry Mr. Carnegie) when I was working for the Gary Hart for President campaign. It is a lesson I give my students and clients – business and political. It is a lesson I have taken to heart. It is a lesson I thought the Republican presidential candidates would have realized by now.

Lying Is Not An Option!

Now that was easy and mostly harmless.

I also learned that making excuses, blaming others, and otherwise screwing around avoiding the issue and not taking responsibility for one’s own actions ruins one’s reputation. I learned in the first years of the fourth-quarter of last century, one’s reputation is very hard to gain and extremely easy to lose.

So why has the Republican Party seem to have missed these same lessons? The only persons seemingly staying out of the limelight of embarrassment are Mitt Romney and -are you ready- Ron Paul.

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