Moral lapses on both sides of the aisle

This column has been in the making for some time now. From comments sent directly to my email concerning my position and opinions concerning Islam, cigarette smoking and women’s rights, including a thinly veiled threat to my well being, it appears that the distance from disagreement to anger to violent action is becoming shorter.  Our country’s morality, that designated by our social norms, appears to be deteriorating. Allow me to start with this year’s presidential debates.

During the Republican presidential primary debates in September, moderator Brian Williams asked Gov. Rick Perry about the death penalty and the more than 230 executions in Texas under his administration. The question was fair and looked deeply into the possible administration of a President Perry.

The audience was, as any would guess, partisan-conservative including more than a smattering of Christian-conservatives. These are the same conservatives who support personhood amendments, and represent the pro-life and anti-abortion factions of the GOP. That, by itself, is not wrong. In fact, though I disagree with their political views, the opinions of the right-wing right-wingers are right for them.

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