Thanksgiving – Secular or Sectarian

Boy, there is a lot to write about this week, besides the obvious Thanksgiving Day column. All that talk about turkeys reminds me about the television comedy, the 2012 Republican presidential primaries.

Then there are the land grabs by the Pilgrims and Puritans, not unlike what the Republics want to do by keeping troops in Iran and Afghanistan. Or maybe that is closer to Peter Stuyvesant buying Manhattan Island for $24.00 in junk jewelry.

Or we can talk about the myth of American History that seems to start with the Massachusetts Bay Colony that America was founded in some state of perfection with no vice, a little like Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel’s perfection being ruined by a recent DWI arrest. Even the puritans drank a bit .

Proclamations calling for a day of prayer and thanks all lead back to Plymouth.  It seems that the 40-plus men who sailed with William Bradford on the Mayflower did not do so well and would have starved to death if not for the peoples of the Wampanoag nation.

Officially the first declarations of a day of thanks and prayer were declared in 1777 and continued until 1784, asking first for God’s support in the war against Britain and second for a successful conclusion to the Treaty of Paris. And that was done under the Confederation of the United States.

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