What’s wrong with this “God is Real” explanation?

HAPPY NEW YEARS and a Rosman challenge…

David roemer, Ph.D.I am not a biologist and definitely not an expert of Darwinian theories. However, my gut is saying that the logic in Dr. David Roemer’s video, “The Truth about Evolution,” is definitely off. Like many other attempts to “prove” the existence of a god or gods, the logic relies on the premise that if there is no other explanation, it must be the work of God.

Please watch the entire video. for my own argument, I use time stamp 7:19 and quotes being used from The Plausibility of Life: Resolving Darwin’s Dilemma , by Dr. Marc W. Kirschner and John C. Gerhar. There are two problems here. First, this is not the premise of the book and, second, it  is not a proof of God or of intelligent design. From the Amazon.com page;

By closing the major gap in Darwin’s theory Kirschner and Gerhart also provide a timely scientific rebuttal to modern critics of evolution who champion “intelligent design.” 


As with many of the quotes I examined for my book, A Christian Nation?, I found this quote is also taken out of context and its meaning has been twisted to meet Roemer’s premise.

My friend Dr. Roemer is stating that no one has yet refuted his proof that God ignited the match for the Big Bang and that the complexity of living organisms can only be explained by “intelligent design.” He is also arguing that because we cannot define “free will” humans are finite beings and have no meaning unless one is placed on them by a higher infinite being. This logic is also off. this is a case of half-truths, false dichotomies and non-sequitur logic.

I invite those who better understand biology, evolutionary biology, and philosophy to respond to Dr. Roemer. And please tell him that I sent you.

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