The Religious War on Religion and Atheism

During the initial research for my next book, which has entertained at least a half-dozen working titles in these early stages, I sought proofs that there is a “war” against religion, as well as against atheism.

Surprisingly, some freethinkers, atheists, and others of similar bent seem to want to disassociate the idea of “war” metaphors with their ideals of humanism. As one wrote, “Attempting to say that anyone is participating in a ‘war’ on religion is ridiculous and very unwise.”

But is it?

To deny that one segment of the community perceives a “war” against their belief system may, in itself, be part of the problem.

Discussing this matter with a spokesman for the American Humanist Society, there appears to be the impression of two parts of the story which are dependent on the perception of each side of the discussion. He did agree that, as Secular Humanists and atheists, there is no apparent “war.” However, he also agreed that those of faith may perceive such a “war” exists.

In addition, denying that some perceive “atheism” as a religion (though it is not) is also denying that such misconception exists. It appears that some just wish to cover their eyes, cover their ears and cover their mouths instead of confronting this issue.

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