Hell has Frozen!

Glenn Beck agreeing with the “Marxist Free Press?”

The occupy and tea party movements agreeing on something? 

I agree with Glenn Beck, at least in principle?

When the King of Absurdity, the White House and those of sound mind and body agree that proposed federal legislation is wrong…

Hell has frozen over!

The proposed Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA (H.R. 3261), and  the Protect IP Act, PIPA (S. 968), legislations are losing support rapidly and the inspiration that ideas must freely flow in this age of new communication technology holds more than a beachhead in this battle.

(OK, the Senate bill was introduced by a Democrat, but I am chalking that up to temporary insanity… I hope.)

Beck even agrees that the Republican lead House of Representatives is wanting to regulate something that is already regulated. The same Republicans who are supported by the tea party movement, who themselves are demanding a less government, less government regulation, and less government interference, are now demanding more government control.

What is wrong with this picture?

“When in doubt, leave it out,” was Becks key thought. “When you have people in Washington that you don’t trust… let’s say let’s not give them any more power.”

It is about the five-minute mark when Beck and his cronies return to their innate ability to rationalize their anti-anything vaguely connected to President Obama and the liberal arm of government through irrational thought.

Beck can and does put the entire SOPA/PIPA fiasco on the back of the current administration and Al Gore should not be surprising.

Beck and his cohorts speak to the “revolution” in Venezuela supported through the Internet and not the Arab Spring is also not surprising.

(So Glenn, are you supporting the Marxist dictator Chavez and not the democratic movement of the Arab nations? Are you sure?)

Ah, the thaw is coming. Maybe.Thaw is Coming

But Beck’s message is one that that does resonate through our interconnected society – Hands off the Internet!

(Excuse me for a moment; I need to wash my mind from the thought of allying with Beck… OK. I’m back)

While Beck and his counterparts are busy blaming to wrong political party for SOPA and PIPA, we need to look closer at who is really attempting to enact nonsensical legislation on the federal and state levels.

Do we need new voter ID law?

Do we need a new law providing freedom of religion?


With permission of artist Mario Piperni

Do we need a new law to say that spying is not a good thing?

They are forgetting about the elephant in the room. Poverty, hunger, loss of jobs, a failing economy, over and uncontrolled expenditures on the military and two wars, the advancement of science and education, the rebuilding of our infrastructure… This list is unending.

Then there is that Republican idea that is celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2012, Universal Health Care.

It is this extreme wing of the GOP that banters about language that is meant only to anger and intimidate – Socialist, Communist, Marxist, and Fascist – without truly understanding the meanings.

Is it really “Socialist” to want a healthy citizenry? Is it “Communist” to ask the upper one-percent of income earners to pay their fair share in taxes? Is it Fascist to want to give the people the right to vote with as few restrictions as possible? Is it “Marxist” not to use fear as a weapon to win over the hearts and minds of the American people?

One question for those who may be leaning so far right that we fear that you may injure yourselves – Have you taken your meds today?

There are times I do believe that the RW-GOP suffers from political paranoid-schizophrenia. The symptoms seem to meet the DSM-IV definitions; Auditory hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, anger, emotional distance, violence and argumentativeness.

Unfortunately, other than medication, the Mayo Clinic tells us that “There’s no sure way to prevent paranoid schizophrenia.” And there is no sure cure.

We can no longer allow the RW-GOP to control our lives. It is time for the moderates of the Grand Old Party to take back control, to bring forethought and progressive though back to this once liberal party.

It is time that, though rational thought and action, we make sure our RW-GOP brethren are taking their meds. 

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