Proof for Evolution! The “Missing Link”

Where is the “missing link” that would finally prove Darwin’s theory of “evolution” and close this exceptionally silly debate? 

This is a question I have thought about for a long time, one that is asked of me as an atheist. One that I usually answer with, “we have not found it yet, but we are looking.” Boy, was I wrong.

While rummaging through YouTube, I ran across a small portion of a lecture by  Dr. Ken Miller of Brown University titled “The Collapse of Intelligent Design.” That is the title of the two-hour lecture. The video below is a four-minute 23-second section, appropriately titled, “How To Shut Up Pesky Creationists.”

Here is the missing link! It was found in 2004 and no-one really reported it. Why? That too seems to be a missing link.

 Have nothing to do for two hours? Here is the entire lecture. Unfortunately, all of Dr. Miller’s slides are not shown or are badly out of focus.

(Post Scrip – Many have indicated that they do not like the term “Missing Link.” I use it in quotes because I think this is currently the most accepted term in our society, though not totally correct.)

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