Republicans and Blind Naked Mole Rats

Just how low will the Republicans and their tea party lackeys go to disrupt the election process? First, there are the major attempts to disenfranchise voters who do not have a government issued photo IDs, usually the economically lower classes who happen to vote Democratic. The Justice Department has taken a strong stance on the issue.

“The U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday there is substantial evidence Texas’ voter identification law will discriminate against minorities… evidence presented in the case so far shows 600,000 people will be unable to vote if the law is enforced and that minorities would be impacted the most.” Washington Post/AP April 11, 2012

Wisconsin’s photo ID law is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In Pennsylvania, the voter ID law will be put to a public vote on April 24. If passed, it will most likely see legal action to determine its constitutionality.

So what else can the GOP do to undermine the United States electoral system? How about registering four Republicans as Democratic candidates in the upcoming Wisconsin recall election. DINOs – which either means “Democrats In Name Only” or a  bunch of old white conservatives thinking that anarchy and tea party politics are mainstream America.

Wisconsin State Journal’s essayist Chris Rickert suggested that this plot may have sinister intents. He writes,

Recruiting the fakers to extend the election and ensure [the GOP’s] state Senate candidates aren’t swamped by all the real Democratic voters who come out for the real Democratic primary to recall the governor…

I do not care if you think if Republican Gov. Scott Walker should be kicked out or not, it is the fact there the state’s GOP is attempting to manipulate the election by running decoys is simply wrong, but probably not illegal.

The difference between an impeachment and a recall is that an impeachment is usually not called based on maladministration. A populous recall is. That’s why an impeachment (Article VII, Section 1 of the Wisconsin Constitution) was not called in Wisconsin – Plus the fact that the legislature is heavily GOP.  In this case, the question is; did Walker correctly handled the administration of the unionized state employees.

Now, I will admit that given the chance, Democrats have crossed the lines of political demarcation when voting in state primaries that do not require voters to declare their party affiliation, like here in Missouri. Why? To make sure the Republicans have a losing candidate in the general election. But why is this different?

When voters purposely crossover, it is done at the polling place when asked if they wish to vote Republican or Democrat. There is no attempt to “hide” behind a party name. It is a regular tactic and has been honored by both sides since party conventions and primaries.

However, by running “fake” candidates in a primary the sanctity of the election system is put to question. Why? Because the Republicans are intentionally endorsing FAKE CANDIDATES on the Democratic ticket! A little like Blind Naked Mole Rats; they’re blind, they’re naked, and they’re Mole Rats. 

This is Wisconsin’s problem for the time being. However, whether or not successful, the tactics will be refined and refined again until they succeed. Moreover, succeed they will, for they are a tenacious bunch of deceivers. And they believe that their God is on their side. God’s name? Ronald Reagan.

As a liberal, progressive, and a Democrat, I am angered when those who call themselves “patriots” and protectors of the document purposely ignore the Constitution.

They purposely forget that Lincoln, Roosevelt, Rockefeller, and Nixon, all Republicans, were all progressives. They believed in the sanctity of the American people without regard to color, religion or party affiliation. They sought compromise, not confrontation. They practiced humanism, not politics. They saw that government was indeed the answer in many, but not all, cases.

Today, TR would shoot the GOP elephant.

Lincoln fought for the American ideal as set in Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, “that all Men are created equal.”

Roosevelt fought for universal health care, protection of the environment and public education.

Rockefeller created public works projects to put New Yorkers to work.

Nixon opened trade with communist China and coined the term “Affirmative Action” as it concerns the Equal Employment Opportunity laws.

My only question now is; When did the Republic Party turn to the Dark Side?

As Democrats, we must educate the people to the lies and misinformation now created by the conservative movement and their leader, Carl Rove. We must be loud and united. We must show the pathos, the emotions that will cause people to listen.

We must always be able to support our positions with logic and humanity and fight tyranny were ever its evil head rises.

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