Destroying America, one Bible at a time

The issue of the separation of Church and State is not one limited to the United States, but in all countries where democracy, true democracy, is something new. My question is simple; will their election outcomes predict the future of American politics?

Ahmed Shafiq

The underlying problem for the Egyptian people is whether they wish to have a secular or a sectarian government.  This election is what may occur if the conversation-Christian base has their way. But instead of sharia law favored by Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood conservatives, it will be Christian biblical law as favored by the American fundamentalist Christian conservatives.


Mohammad Mosi

Human nature does not change because of one’s faith. The Egyptian people should remain focused on the future of thos of other faiths; the Coptic Christians, the Jews, other non-Muslims and the moderate and liberal arms of the Egyptian Muslim population.

There is no justification for claiming, “It won’t happen here because we are the United States,” or “we have Christian values,” for both premises can be shown false quickly and easily. There is no such thing as a true Theocratic Democracy once religion has the upper hand.

This is not to say that religion is the “evil” as a small minority of atheists seem to believe. I am a “moderate atheist,” for I understand the reasons why someone would need for some all-powerful mythical being to be in charge, to create order where there seems to be none or to explain the yet unexplainable. If something cannot be clarified through personal empirical proofs, then use the supernatural and mythical to answer the question of cause and effect.

I understand that some people need this sort of crutch. Whether it is God or a rabbit’s foot, the result is the same – an explanation is required and obtained with minimal effort.

As the American Christian political movements continue to push their agendas, we should fear that a government by and for the people will perish from the earth. We will become a government of biblical proportions, relying on the laws as interpreted by a head minister and her or his cronies, providing their interpretations of their holy books to govern. The people will lose their voice.

There will be battles concerning which Bible will be chosen as “The Bible” of the United States, King James, New International Version, The English Standard Version, or some other Bible used by the almost 2000 Christian sects in the U.S. alone.

Will American Jews have to comply with the Constantine version of biblical law, where all of the laws laid out in the Torah are negated?

Will American Muslims be put to death if they do not convert to the “true religion?”

Will Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Mormons and others be sent to re-education camps?

How about Buddhists, Jains, Shintos and other eastern religious orders; will they be forced to live in ghettos or have their religions be banded?

Will atheists, skeptics, agnostics, Pagans and members of other heathenist groups be sacrificed to the one and only God?

If we were to live by biblical law, maybe God’s words found in Isaiah 1:18-20 will become the new American law.

18“Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord.

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

19If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land;

20but if you resist and rebel, you will be devoured by the sword.”

Is this the law of the land you want? This is, after all, biblical law.

Our Founders purposely did not write a state religion into our Constitution and knew the evils of a state religion. There is no evidence to cause us to think otherwise. None, period. Our Founders were astute and, with the exception of Hamilton and a few of his backers, lived the experience in England and most of Europe and knew the unfettered power of a theocratic crown and rejected the notion of a national religion.

Yes, I did go a bit overboard here, but it was to make a point. Though the conservative Christians deny it may happen, the United States could eventually look like other theocratic countries, today mostly Muslim, who require strict adherence to their holy laws and if one fails…

What happens in Egypt over the next few months will be an indicator of what may happen in the U.S. We need to watch the Egyptian elections closely and heed the writing on our own walls.

I have contended before, and will continue until proved that I am wrong, that church and state separation was one of the ultimate goals of our new government in 1789. I have examined my opposition’s objective evidence and found it, at best, false.

To prevent the conservative-Christian movement from forcing their religion on every American, we must take a stronger stance against those who are forcing their will upon the American people.

Against those who discriminate because of sexual orientation.

Against those who take away health benefits to women and children and force their religious based beliefs on medical choice.

Against those who claim to want less government interference in personal affairs, but who want to regulate what goes on in our bedrooms.

All done in the name of their religions and gods.

We need to fight the deniers of science by claiming their myths of creation are the only true revelations and explanations.

Fight those who are so short sighted that they do not see that their version of “science” is running the United States’ educational system into the ground.

Fight those whose tunnel vision is so myopic that they fail to see their own fallacies.

It will be up to you and me, those who understand the concept of critical thinking, of the scientific method and who can tell the difference between truth and mythology, to stop this extreme movement once and for all.

To accomplish this end, seriously consider joining the National Atheist Party ( The First Amendment does say that government is to keep its hands off of religion, but the counterpart is equally as true.

Religion needs to keep its hands off of government. 

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