Prayers Unanswered – Why?

I love my Christian responders. They provide me with more material than I could find on my own. They also verify my hypotheses that most people rarely read past the first paragraph to get the whole story. Many do not get past the headline.

This seems especially true if one happens to be a protector of the faith, an Apologetic, or simply a bit more orthodox or conservative. These “religious” discussions deal in a number of areas, but recently leaning towards evolution v. creationism.

Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson (start at 3:40) spoke to the demise of the Arab golden age of science and reason. It occurred because one influential man of faith decided that science and math were “evil.” I think he said that because he never got past Geometry 1 in high school.

Orthodox Christians appear are demonize science, math and the other sciences and humanities that make us, well, human. They wish only their mythology be taught, to be considered “proper science.” They are deniers of objective proofs to favor their blind faith.

More important, they are re-messaging the battle to somehow science is a religion.

“Let’s do away with the religion of Evolution,” one Apologetic recently wrote me. He asked that I do not use his name, but he is a regular responder to my IVC columns.

When I asked how could the scientific inquiry of the origins of species, which happens to be the name of Darwin’s book, be a religion? His answer was wholly expected.

“Because you believe in something that has no proof, evolution.”

“Proof has been found in our DNA. I wrote a column about this, remember?”

It seems my friend does not rely on that liberal stuff called DNA or that Obamascience. He wants to see an actual and physical “missing link.”

The Apologetic quickly changed course to something about wanting proof that God does not exist. I know the “prove he, she or it does exist” counter-argument would have no weight, only heated disagreements. So, with permission, I asked the question in a little different way.

I asked he considered himself a Prosperity Christian and prayer can bring one all that is asked for, even if asking for wealth and fortune. He answered, “Yes. But sometimes prayers are never answered.”

“Why would they not be answered if the person is a true Christian?”

The following is a summary of his answer, provided unwittingly by a couple of atheist/skeptic friends in another threaded conversation. I stol… borrowed it, modified it a bit, created this wonderful poster and which you can copy for your own use.

In the words of my grandfather when he gave us a gift, “Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…”

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