An Apology For Misreporting



(I had a long conversation with Mark Hallburn, publisher of concerning remarks made in this column concerning Pastor Arthur Hage and Judge William “Chip” Watkins. I was informed that Pastor Hage had not conducted himself as accused by Judge Watkins during the judge’s tirate. Hallburn also informed me that Watkins was suspended for four years for various ethics violations. As Hallburn wrote in a 2013 column, the “West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals affirmed the four-year suspension recommendation of a special disciplinary hearing board.”

(My apologies to Pastor Hage and Mr. Hallburn for the incorrect reporting concerning this column. At the request of both parties, I have removed the column and video from my site.

(Sometime the facts are taken out of context. Sometime we believe the wrong person when hearing one side of the story. That is what happened here and I am sorry.)

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