The Hero of the Conservative Movement was an Atheist

Less than 100 days until NMPA Day. No More Political Ads! At least for a short while.

More important, less than 100 days until we have a break from the conservative Christian movement and its proponents telling the world that American laws need to follow the “morality lessons” in their scriptures. Less than 100 days until Secular Humanists, whether theists or non-theists, can sit back and start planning strategies on combating those who wish to change our democratic republic into a democratic theocracy.

It is time we point out to our “Christian” brethren that Secular Humanists, non-theists, atheists, Free Thinkers and skeptics, are in fact better “Christians” then they are.

There is one more thing we can do immediately, that is to show those on the religious right that their hero, Ayn Rand, was an atheist.

Donhahue is a devout Roman Catholic, though he admits that he is “a very good Roman Catholic.” Bu his belief in his god is strong enough that he takes the time to challenge Rand’s atheist stance.   

Please, take a moment and listen to the interview of Rand by Phil Donahue.

Her answer is based on reason, used scientific thinking in her answers. She was also not anti-religion, much like me…

OMG, am I comparing myself to Ayn Rand? The hero of the Christian Prosperity and free enterprise conservative movements? Does that mean I, too, should be placed on that list? Will this put my detractors and antagonists in a tizzy, making them light headed and woozy at the mere thought?  

Does this mean that the Human Secular and atheist movements, if it can be called that, are more in tune with Rand than those who claim her philosophy as “conservative” in nature?

Does this mean that Rand’s personal philosophy was more closely aligned with liberal social values and not with creating an environment that enriches those who are already rich? That she was against laws restricting the private and public acts based solely on one’s sexual orientation”

For me, the answer to all of these questions is simply “YES.”

It is time that as Humanists, non-theists, liberals and progressives, we need to take Ayn Rand back to our corner and use her REAL philosophies to counter the arguments of the political extremism of Tea Party and Christian conservatives who wish to destroy the American Dream and create a world that our Founders escaped.

It is time we use Ayn Rand in support of our secular Constitution.

It is time we use Ayn Rand as a weapon and not hide at the mention of her name.

One more video concerning Ayn. (Warning: Language)


David is the Missouri State Chapter Assistant Leader of the National Atheist Party (NAP), an award winning writer, author and speaker on the issues of Church/State Separation and Religion in Politics.

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