A Better Campaign Strategy

Allow me to introduce you to Missouri’s John Wright, a Democratic primary candidate for the state House District 47. No, this is not a political prompt for this candidate (though I will most likely vote for him on August 7). It is not about his political stance. It is about a smart campaign for local office.

This is a lesson plan for all who plan to run for these local offices which serve as America’s base of democracy within our republic. Wright and his campaign are seeking support through a very smart and, I believe, effective campaign.

Because the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOUS) declared in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission (558 U.S. 50 (2010) that money equates to speech and, therefore, cannot be limited, even local campaigns are becoming too expensive to run. So when money is short, tactics make the difference.

About two weeks before Missouri’s August 7 primary elections, only the dedicated Mid-Missourian knew of John Wright. Like most local candidates, he was lost in the sensation of national politics and statewide races.

It was about that time that Wright started to spend his funds. First there were a few yard signs, then a well done and positive message television campaign. His campaigned followed up with mailers (I have received at least four four-color mailings in the last week) and volunteers writing personal notes attached to still another postcard, which I received three days before the election.

If local elections are decided by those who are undecided when they enter the polling local, then they will vote on name recognition. It may be the positive position and keeping one’s name up front, like Wright has done, that will tip the scale.

Yes, like all candidates, Wright may have his faults, but many undecided voters would rather vote for someone than against another.

As we continue our path of political self-destruction through negative advertisement, name calling and trying to determine who is more conservative or liberal, sectarian or secular, pro this or pro that, maybe, just maybe, Wright and other of his ilk have created a path of campaigning that should be emulated by all.


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