Ohio Restrictive Voting Rules

Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted, is waging a war on Christian voters. For years churches in African American communities have brought entire congregations to register to vote and more recently, to vote early on the Sunday before election day.” Vote By Mail America, August 23, 2012

This is something the Christian churches in the black communities have used in there own GOTV campaigns. The church cannot say who to vote for, but they can assist in getting people to vote.

On the Rachel Maddow show. (Yes, I know it is bias, but then again, so am I.)

Can this be called a GOP attach on Americans of African descent and an anti-Democratic vote action? Maybe so, but if the Dems did this, the GOP would be up in arms. Tea partiers and Libertarians would declare war on those socialist commie liberals.

Wait, they have already declared that war.

Such anti-voting laws such as this and voter ID laws are being promoted by some fear mongering GOPers.  Is the GOP anti-American and attempting to create a one-party Democratic Republic?

Is the GOP attempting to to create this one-party system a theocratic based government?

I believe so, but that is my opinion.

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