A Consumer Warning! AtheistSocial

I recently received an email from a company titled “Atheist Social” asking for a renewal of membership. Because I do belong to a number of groups that have membership fees, I authorized the charges.

Big Mistake.

AtheistSocial is a part of a larger group which includes 757SocialClub, SPOIO.com, and a multitude of other “companies.” They work out of a “share office” in Virginia Beach, offering no return for the membership services.

SPOIO has no working telephone number and no working email address

In fact, I investigated such an organization in Ft. Lauderdale FL a number of years ago that was pulling the same scam. The FLPD shut them down and filed fraud changes on behalf of some thirty individuals.

If you receive an email from AtheistSocial ignore it. If you find an unauthorized payment from your PayPal account to SPOIO.com, call PayPal immediately. I have contacted the Virginia Beach BBB and will be filing a complaint with the Virginia Beach PD.

If you have received such charges, I urge you to contact the VBPD and file a formal complaint.




The full address for SPOIO aka AtheistSocial is 6112 Blacksmith Court, APT 204, Virginia Beach, VA  23464


Update: March 27, 2013

Please note the “superior” (yes, that is irony) customer service received.

  • Atheist Social Network

    I see you canceled your Paypal subsciption. i am desperately trying to get my service provider to get the site back up. This is not B.S. I’m am hating this

  • Tuesday
  • You are to return my $20 immediately to my PayPal account. I have already contacted the Virginia Beach newspaper (friends of mine) and the city licensing department. You are not a licensed business, your contact information does not work.

  • Tuesday
  • Atheist Social Network

    What is your fucking deal jerk-off. Your wife dying again? What the fuck does the virginia newspaper have to do with anything? Contact the fucking Virginia State Corporation Commission, friends of yours too? Take your money you fucking idiot. Come to Virginia Beach and talk shit to my face at my contact information address, since it is real and I’ll be hear to kick yopur ficking ass, because I am very real and very capable of wiping that smile off your face.


    UPDATE  April 4, 2013

    Sometimes I wonder about the language people use on their public blogs. This is from a few days ago. Does this man have any sense of what he is doing to himself?

    David Rosman, Ink and Voice Communications, Clinkscales Rd. Suite 510, Columbia, MO 65203, 573-999-0982. This guy is douchebag. Call him night and day. This is not a fucking April Fool’s Day joke!!!!! HA Ha Ha. He is a fucking crackpot loser who claims that www.AtheistSocial.com is fraudulent because he can’t sell any copies of his redundant book, A Christian Nation? Harrass him on the phone and send him hate mail:
    Make friends, date singles, join groups, find business contacts. Atheist Secular Humanist Freethinkers
My response?

David Rosman Thank you for the PR. You can purchase “A Christian Nation?: An examination of Christian nation theories and proofs” on Amazon.com. http://amzn.to/SWiCMC.

When Life gives you lemons…  Ah the “war of words” continues. And, yes, I have filed a formal complaint with the Virginia Beach PD.

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