God, The Yoke of Religion and Obamacare

If lobbying and prodding does not work, maybe divine intervention will. At least that is the hope of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) as she told Dr. James Dobson in a May 21, 2013 interview.

Bachmann told Dobson, after the House’s passage of the 37th attempt to get rid of the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare,” “And I think before his second term is over, we’re going to see a miracle before our eyes, I believe God is going to answer our prayers and we’ll be freed from the yoke of Obamacare.”

This is the same God who failed to save “righteous” men, women and children who died in the Moore, OK tornado. Who permitted the destructions of property and lives of the pious during Hurricane Sandy. The God who allowed mad men to use homemade bombs to maimed and killed innocents in Boston, and permitted 20 innocent children to be killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. 

Why would Bachmann’s god refuse to care for the living by providing better healthcare through a government sponsored program? Are we supposed to pray ourselves better? We have seen how well that has worked with the death of a two-year old and eight month old by their parents, Herbert and Catherine Schaible, who preferred prayer to meds. Theirs is not a lone case either… Ask any member of the Christian Science Church about modern medicine. Ask them about the use of aspirin for a simple headache?

Please do not respond that we will never know God’s plans. Because Bachmann and those who claim Christian beliefs are not living by the “laws” set forth by Jesus of Nazareth, they will never know their god. Unless if their god happens to be named Lucifer.

I do not understand why a human life is only important from conception to birth? Why is death with dignity so repulsive? Why are there are no complaints about drugs and potions that enhance sexual activity advertised strictly for pleasure and not procreation, being shown during “prime time,” but ads for condemns, birth control and women’s services are not?

I don’t understand how those who claim conservative religious faith, the religious-right, can reject the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion as the work of the devil, while sitting in front of the boob-tube to watch shows about vampires, witches and the Devil (today in the name of Dr. Hannibal Lecter).

I see these men and women, especially those who have obtained a position of power like Bachmann, as hypocrites, necrophobics, anthropophobics, theophobics and necrophobics.

The religious arguments concerning ACA are unfounded. I can state many more concerns over the way the ACA will be implemented, the maintaining of the current broken system to work the “new and improved.”

If an employer’s, let’s say St. Mary’s Hospital, religious beliefs should they deny the right or choice for women? I would how big the outrage would be if a different employer said that regardless of one’s faith no woman is permitted to have a baby while employed —

Wait, didn’t the U.S. Armed Forces demand a wmoan’s involuntary dismissal for being pregnant? Why yes, up until 1975 when the powers that be decided that women were not the “weaker sex,” just different.

The argument is not “If you do not believe like me, you are evil.” The argument is “If you do not support life and health from the first breath to the last, you need to reexamine your own personal morals.”

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David is the winner of the Missouri Press Foundation's "Best Columnist" in 2013 (First Place) and 2014 (Second Place), the 2016 Harold Riback Award for excellence in writing, and the winner of the 2007 Interactive Media Award for excellence in editing.
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