Gun Control – Australian Style

Think first. Talk later.

Over the last month most of the columns I have written for the Columbia Missourian have concerned gun control. The silliness of those who believe that the way you solve America’s gun violence problem is to add more guns. That universal background checks would somehow lead to the mandatory confiscation of guns. That if one votes for gun ownership restriction they will be recalled by an angry constituency.

After a mass shooting in 1998, Australia instituted a nationwide firearms buyback program.  A few people lost their political jobs, but there has not been a mass shooting since. up to 60-percent fewer gun related murders and a major reduction in suicide by gun.

The question: How can Australia, a very conservative country, do it and we cannot.

This is a three part series that from Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” Humor, yes. Serious flaws in the arguments against strict gun control? That’s up to you. Watch all three before you comment.

The Videos:

Part I   –   Part II   –   Part III

Now you can comment.

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