Philosophical Thoughts on Morals

In a recent discussion on’s Atheist group, a gentleman named Rod posted the following:

‘There are scholarly solutions to every problem people state with God’s Word.’

 The discussion before and after turned to many “historical” and “hysterical” proofs.  I thought about this for a bit – Here is my philosophical response.

I start every scholarly statement with “With the sauce (or souse, depending on how much Chianti you drank last night) of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…”

That being said…

Here is the real problem with all of the arguments placed here – You are arguing the wrong thing.

Whether or not someone wishes to believe their mystical writings or a supreme mysterious overseer is not the problem. In fact, the mythologies of many cultures are imbedded into our daily lives. Praise His Noodliness, FSM!

The argument is whether we permit religious myths to be imbedded into our personal lives and our nation’s secular political system.

I really do not care if Mary was or was not the first to see Jesus of Nazareth after the “resurrection.” I do care if you force that unfounded belief on others in our schools and our laws.

Arguing about witch burning in the 1670s is not productive.

Gun Loving JesusArguing that todareligion is disrupting our public schools is. Arguing that people are using scripture to justify gun ownership and preventing a universal background check law is. Using dogma to take away our freedoms of speech, choice and personal affiliation is.

These are the current issues. These are the issue we should be focusing on.

Let’s allow the “Christians” to argue among themselves and let us promote those arguments which will make people think and use their own “morals” so they voluntarily move to the “No Mythology” category.

Let’s argue that it is immoral to praise a sky god for saving one life while taking another.

Let us argue that “God’s will” and “God’s plan” are not answers but excuses for not wanting to know the answers.

We know from a Pew study of 2012 that atheists, as a whole, are better educated and have more biblical knowledge than those of faith. That is our advantage.

That is what must be used to break the cycle of attempting to turn our nations into theocracies and the people to mindless buffoons.

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