The Queen and Gay Marriage or… What’s wrong with Missouri?

Last week, hidden deep within the recesses of the Internet, the Associated Press reported, “Britain today legalized gay marriage after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval…” I am certainly glad they did not write that “the Queen gave her royal stamp of approval;” but so much for bad jokes.

So here is my question. If France recognizes marriage equality and England recognizes marriage equality and the United States government recognizes marriage equality – what the hell is wrong with Missouri or any of the other 37 states where gays are not permitted to get married?

The only reason that can be presented for not permitting same-sex marriages is biblical in nature and, therefore, an obvious violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution’s First Amendment. That is it. There is no other logical reason, no lawful reason to deny marriage to a specific group.

VOX.latin. ignorance_of_the_law_excuses_no_one_card-p137531564186928160envwi_400In the wonderful language of law, Latin, this is called “animi irrationalis,” in English, irrational animus, or in simpler English, baseless hatred. If nothing else, it is a moral callousness leading to amoral political positions.

Damn, there I go using big words again. Let me put this into religious terms…

If there was a god, it (her or she) would be an all loving god regardless of one’s sexual orientation. A true all loving god would not care what goes on in the bedroom. This god would be supportive of love between two people- a man and a woman, two men or of two women. But this is not the god of the Jews, Christians or Muslims.

In fact, in Exodus 34:14 Moses is told that the god of Abraham has a name, “for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” What would this god be jealous of, two men or two women who are deeply in love who wish to be married?

The Queen of England can see the religious argument as irrelevant, far better than the Church of England which only believes in the god Jealous, who may mistakenly call Yahweh a name that does not exist in the religious text.

If there is only one god, as the three western religions wish us to believe, then I can see where that god could be jealous. No other god to love and adore. In fact  evidence of this loving god is most difficult to find in the holy writings of the three western faiths.

Missouri is better than that. Missouri is more mature that playing silly playground games of “I am better because I am straight.” Or Christian, or Jewish, or white or black, or…

Let me ask you one question Missouri, show me how marriage equality injures the people of this state? Or on the other hand, show me how discrimination, especially religious based discrimination, is harmful to no-one. 

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