Two Questions About God and Country

American/Christian FlagI am having a wonderful conversation, at least wonderful from my side, with a regular reader of this blog and my columns in the Missourian.  Bev is a Christian, N.O.C. (not otherwise classified), and truly believes that the United States was founded on Christian principles and I take her at her word. But I have two questions that I have seeking answers to for a long time.

1)      If the United States is a Christian nation, from which denomination of Christianity do these principles come? The Puritans? Episcopalians, the most predominate church in the 1750s? The Baptists, American Baptists or Southern Baptists? The Mormons or the Quakers? How about the Unitarians? Which interpretation of scripture is the right determination? Please do not tell me that God will tell us in his own time. That is not an answer.

2)     If the United States was founded on Christian principles (we are speaking here of the writing of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution as “founding”) where are these Christian principles found in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights? Freedom to practice one’s own religion certainly is not one, though the separation of Church and State may be drawn from Matthew 22: 15 – 22. But it comes from Voltaire, Locke and Hume.

seeking answersI am seeking answers to both questions and not just from my atheist friends and colleagues. I am seeking the answer by those who claim these propositions as true and use them in argument. My friend has avoided giving direct answers so I seek wisdom from others who may know.

If there is an answer to either or both questions, then I really wish to know. I am a critical thinker, open to all responses. Maybe your answer(s) will do a lot to satisfy my curiosity.


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