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Poor Phyllis Schlafly. If you think she has something to do with Schlafly’s beer, you would be wrong, but most of you, if not all of you, never heard of her before.

The Schlafly of beer fame is Tom Schlafly of St. Louis, MO. He started his brewery in 1991 and is now one of the most recognized names in St. Louis beer production. He is so proud of his accomplishments that he now wants to trademark “Schlafly.” It really has nothing to do with the production of beer, but everything to do with conducting the business of beer making.

Phyllis is Tom’s aunt by way of marriage and you would assume that she would be pleased that her nephew was so successful, but you would be wrong again. Phyllis is the founder of the Eagle Forum (established in 1972), a conservative think tank that is opposed to anything liberal or Obama. She definitely leans towards the ranks of the religious right and on that basis is fighting the trademark application.

Now those who know Phyllis understand that she is an outstanding member of the conservative movement, a constitutional attorney, a noted author and a real smart cookie. She should have no problems concerning name recognition within her sphere of influence. However, her reasoning is that her name will forever be associated with Schlafly beer and she does not want to insult her tea toting friends in the fundamentalist Christian and Mormon faiths.

Based on her reasoning, Phyllis’ only complaint appears to be religious based and as a constitutional scholar, she should know better than to use religion as basis of her actions concerning the St. Louis Brewing Company, a.k.a. Schlafly Beer. This is not a First Amendment “Freedom of Religion” issue. It’s about beer.

I can see her concerns if her clients threatened to leave her sphere because of a direct association with the alcohol beverage industry, but I know few Mormons and fewer Christians that have a problem with those who partake or manufacture the beverages.

It appears that the only reason for Phyllis Schlafly to argue the point is that she needs a platform to stand on to solidify her position with the conservative religious movement, and ever dwindling force in American politics.

So now that you know who Phyllis Schlafly is and what she represents, would you still associate her with the brewery? No? And I did this in just 400 words.

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