Operation Save America

The anti-abortion groups are ratcheting up their protests; this time in New Orleans, LA against a Unitarian Universalist church, then staged protests in front of the homes of three providers of women’s services in the state.

The story is coming from the group Faithful America, a liberal religious non-sectarian organization that watches the conservative groups to attempt to keep them inline.

As the story is revealed, Operation Save America is the renamed Operation Rescue of the 1980s and 90s. Their tactics in the past have been at best questionable, at worse down right despicable. Their invitation to Louisiana was through a Southern Baptist church

Operation Save America is an ultra-conservative Christian organization whose tactics we have seen before. This last weekend, in addition to the protests, one of their members set up a 200 foot wide and eight foot tall graphic depicting aborted fetuses on the state capitol grounds in Baton Rouge. This is an obvious violation of the First Amendment’s separation of church and state if it was setup with the permission of the capital security.

In addition, New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu issued a certificate in “recognition of outstanding service to the city,” another obvious violation of the intent of the First Amendment.

According to Gambit, New Orleans, the doctors work for Planned Parenthood which does not perform abortions in the state of Louisiana. In other words, their efforts were just for the theatrical show more than an actual protest.

As a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia (MO), as an atheist, I am appalled, as a liberal I am down right angered at the tactics of the ultra-right wing arms of the Southern Baptist Conference. In fact my Christian friends, upon hearing of this protest, were also appalled and embarrassed, as they should be.

Whether you are anti-abortion or pro-choice you should also be appalled at the actions of Operation Save America.

I am asking that you sign the petition started by Faithful America and tell the Southern Baptists that there is no justification for these types of protests and they should no longer support such extremist tactics.

In addition, please call the office of Mayor Landrieu at (504) 658-4945 or email him through Anita Curran at abcurran@nola.gov  or Sarah Garrett at sagarrett@nola.gov and tell the mayor that his actions were ill conceived and a possible violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

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