Satanists Display in Florida Capitol

It’s official. The red state of Florida is allowing the Satanists to have a display in the state capitol rotunda in Tallahassee.

According to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the rotunda in the capitol was designated as a free speech zone. “In 2013, the rotunda housed a nativity scene, an atheist-themed message, a ‘Festivus Pole’ and a rendering of the Pastafarian Flying Spaghetti Monster – yet the (Satanist) Temple was denied access on the grounds that the proposed display was ‘grossly offensive.'”

Maybe we are seeing a shift in attitudes concerning faiths other than Christianity in the United States. With organizations such as Americans United, the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation working tirelessly to support the First Amendment recognition of all faiths and those of no-faith, we are surely seeing a growing pattern of liberal religious thinking. Even if that thinking is coming at the end of a threat of civil suit.

Though the atheists were able to make a display in the rotunda last year, the problem seems to be the recognition of the atheist community as full citizens of these United States. To get the powers-that-be in the churches to understand that we can be good without a god or gods to threaten us with eternal damnation. To be open about our non-belief and still be elected to public office. To recognize that atheism is not a religion and is not a threat to those of belief, whether Christian, Jewish or Satanist.

But that is going to take a lot of work from our community. It is not saying that those who wish to challenge the mythologies of the Bible are wrong in doing so. In fact, they are getting the word out that the myths are just that. It is saying that we need to be more diplomatic about our positions and stances concerning the mythologies of man and the discrimination by those who believe in the myths of those who believe differently.

I hope this finds you all well and in great spirits in this festive season of the Winter Solstice.

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