The POTUS Shield

I am celebrating my 30th year as an atheist. Though I was raised Jewish and wanted to be a Cantor as a young man, today I do not believe in a god or gods. I have read most of the holy writings, from The Epic of Gilgamesh and Dante’s Devine Comedy to the writings of the Buddha. I have copies of the Torah, Book of Mormon, The New Testament, the Jefferson Bible, the Koran and others. I have read most of them, at least portions as they are presented to me.

I have the Bible and Jefferson Bible on my phone for a quick reference during a discussion of scripture. I may not be as well versed on verses as others, but I feel I have a good grasp on the basics of the world’s prominent religions.

Related imageWhat I do not understand is how the alt-Christian community, the ultra-conservative movement of the religion, can accept Donald Trump as one of their own. I don’t have to relive the litany of accusations made against him in his personal, business and political lives. I just do not believe him when he says he has found God. Trump has proven through his actions and statements that he is not a Christian. He is a self-absorbed would-be dictator.

Like many a dictator before him, Mr. Trump believes that only he can save the country from itself; that only he has the power and knowledge. And like many dictators, he has put himself on the same level as a god in the eyes of his blinded followers. Like others, he has become a religion unto himself. Only Trump can provide. Only Trump can take away. Only Trump has the power to determine what lives and dies under his mighty thumb. Trump can do no wrong. He is his own god.

So what does the alt-Christian community want to do? They are creating a new conspiracy. They want you to join them in prayer to protect the new president; “To assemble, structure and activate The POTUS Shield as a powerfully interactive spiritual, apostolic, prophetic force that acts and reacts in unity, with efficiency and expedience…

Activate The POTUS Shield? According to their Web site, “The POTUS SHIELD is formed to continue this kingdom work, this council of prelates and prophets is assembling to raise (sic) up a spiritual shield in Washington, D.C.”

This is a new one for me and I would guess most of you. As far as I can tell, these men and women believe that through prayer they can protect the new President from anything ungodly. Have they not been listening to the man for the last 18 months?

They believe that they will “prepare the way and coordinate the simultaneous spiritual alignment of the Kingdom shift that is manifesting and impacting the government and the Church…”

Finally, like many right-wing Christians, they want to subrogate legitimate Jewish holidays for the proliferation of their own cause and religious fervor. In this case, they want to “lay the foundation to convene in Philadelphia in March during Purim to declare a renewed covenant as the renewed United States of America, as one nation under God, and to commission and plan similar covenants in each of the 50 states in the Union.”

And no doubt that they will “succeed” in their mission. Trump will survive the inauguration and he will be “protected,” as other websites have explained, from the evils of life, such as “golden showers.”

They want to create a “POTUS army of God… to be a prophetic spearhead for our nation.” I am sure they really meant “pathetic spearhead…”

I really wonder where these people come up with this stuff. This falls into the same lines as new-agers’ belief that dinosaurs and Homo-sapiens lived together before Noah’s flood.   

From Pathos, “And of course, this collection of evangelical ‘prelates and prophets’ are asking for money. Because, you know, Jesus needs your money. Always.”

Let me leave this there. There isn’t much more that I can say. This is outrageous, a coopting of the faith and to have otherwise good people part with their money.


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