Trump’s Impeachment

I just received an email asking me to contribute money to “Impeach Trump.” I did not respond and here is why…  Vice President Mike Pence!

Image resultWhereas Trump may be a five-year-old dressed up as President of the United States, Pence is the super-conservative that we all should be afraid of if he is to become the leader of our nation. His right-wing Christian ideology is worse for the country than The Donald’s attempt to bully his way through the political system.

Pence is adamantly against a woman’s right to choose. He has voted continuously “Yes” on anti-abortion bills regardless of the threats of the health to the mother or the reason for the pregnancy.

He is a “Trickle Down Economy” advocate believing that wealth makes wealth, though we have seen that it does not work since Ronald Reagan’s administration.

Pence has voted against changing the bankruptcy laws to benefit homeowners during the most recent economic crisis. He voted “No” on the recovery package on the bailout for GM and Ford. Pence voted against the stimulus packages for jobs, infrastructure, and energy.

Additionally, Pence has voted against equal pay legislation, not once but twice. He has voted against equal rights for the LBGT community, not once, but three times and has voted against same-sex marriage. He believes that “religious freedom” does not include LGBT rights.

Though he believes in a balanced budget, Pence has voted for tax cuts for corporations, manufacturers, and the weathly. He voted twice not to permit shareholders from determining executive compensation packages and wanted small businesses to be exempt from the Affordable Health Act requirements.

He is a supporter of “stop and frisk” campaigns and believes the inner cities want such action. Pence is a supporter of the death penalty, believing that “justice demands it.” He is against legalization of marijuana and wants the U.S. military to beef up U.S./Mexican border patrols.

Pence is pro-vouchers and believes that parochial schools should receive government funding. He voted “no” on allowing judges to determine if God should be in the Pledge of Allegiance or part of our national motto. He voted against grants for Hispanic and African-American students and projects.

He is pro-eminent domain and as well as the expansion of forestry and oil exploration in public forests and preserves. He has voted no on expansions of AMTRAK improvements and no for most environmental and endangered specials legislation.

Pence has supported the President’s actions concerning the anti-Muslim bans, as well as strengthening our military by reducing budgets for the public services, health and the humanities. He has voted for restricted funding to the UN and against funding for foreign services.

And the list goes on. See On The Issues website for a more comprehensive list.

If Trump is impeached and found in violation of the Constitution by the Senate, we will have to deal with a lot worse than a cry-baby President. We will have a Christian-conservative who will want to include the Bible and young earth theory into the classroom. He will move to remove evolution from science curriculum in favor of creationism.

Though the impeachment of Trump is a good thing as a stand-alone issue, it is not in the greater scope of our political system. Not unless we can get rid of Pence first for a more centrist Vice President.

But for now, I am betting on four years of The Donald’s antics than seeing the table move further to the ultra-conservative and religious right.

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