Jim Bakker and Survivalist Christians

February 3, 2018 – I have heard some wild conspiracy theories in the past 30 years of my political life, but when I heard this one I cringed.

The billboard is located on the highway leading to the Super Bowl so a lot of people will be seeing the sign from “God.” The sponsor of the sign was the satirical website thegoodlordabove.com and its author “God.”

Yet there is something more important than that the silliness of Bachmann’s request from and receiving an answer from God.

Bachmann made her case on Jim Bakker’s End of Times television show. Bakker, always the one to push ad extremist religious-right’s agenda makes a statement heard at 2:27 of the video that the “fight (against Christians) is dirty” and it is a “fight to death.” Then he states, without reservations:

Right now they (the press, progressives, liberals and secular humanists) want to kill the President of the United States. And if they could to put a contract, which they probably already have, they would do so.

Image result for Jim Bakker net worthThis is a dangerous statement from a man so many follow as their religious leader, believing every word emanating from his mouth. It makes the institutions I belong to as a member of the press (Columbia Missourian), a liberal and progressive secular humanist, enemies of the state.

In another video, also put out by Right Wing Watch, Bakker repeats a “vision” from Heidi Baker, a Christian missionary, itinerant speaker, and “prophet,” that Christians will be murdered if they preach the gospel (1:28).

Bakker continues to praise Donald Trump for his stance on “Merry Christmas” (2:59) without noting Trump’s sexual exploits that are in direct conflict with the same bible Bakker is touting. Finally, his co-host Rick Wiles talks about what would happen if 500 parents stood and said the Lord’s Prayer? “Would they shoot you?” he askes(4:28), to which Bakker replies, “Threaten to arrest you? They’ll mow you down with a machine gun!”

This from a man who is supposed to represent the loving church we are all told about. Bakker has no heart and no compassion for his fellow man. He preaches the end of the world myth and his followers believe him. His survivalist mentality is dangerous and causes a greater rift between his sect of evangelical Christianity and the rest of the world.

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