Lawrence Krauss And Sexual Misconduct

March 15, 2018 – Atheist Dr. Lawrence Krauss has been suspended from Arizona State University for “sexual misconduct” and the Christian Post has taken no time in denouncing atheism in its entirety for being amoral.

The New York Times reported on March 7 that Krauss, “a prominent theoretical physicist,” has been put on administrative leave with pay until an investigation can be completed. Krauss, who espouses science over religion, is the Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University, and a member of the scientific team that brings us the Doomsday Clock.

Image result for lawrence krauss nobel prizeAs of this writing, Arizona State University has received no complaints concerning Krauss. On March 6, Krauss was put on administrative leave to avoid any disruption in classes and the operations of the university while an investigation is conducted.

Steve Schramm, a columnist for the Christian Post, took no time in elaborating that Krauss’ worldviews counter those of good Christians everywhere and the alleged misconduct is contrary to the views Krauss has advocated on sexual equality. Schramm continued that only Christians could be moral by the grace of their God.

What Schramm did not report are the hundreds, if not thousands of ministers, priests, imams, and rabbis who have been accused of, and in some cases convicted of sexual misconduct ranging from child pornography to rape. Not to mention the Christian politicians who have been forced out of office because of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Unlike some Christian sects, as atheists, agnostics, secular humanists and “skeptics” (though I never liked that term, along with Brights) have acknowledged that we have problems within our community. We have long had discussions of the sexual component within the atheist movement, how women often feel demoralized and sexualized at conventions and meetings. We acknowledged that men like Louis CK and possibly Krauss have stepped over the line.

Schramm writes:

“[Christians] hold to the doctrine of the Imago Dei–that is, that all of humanity is created in the Image of God. It is this which gives human life intrinsic worth and value. But on Krauss’ evolutionary view we are the highest evolved form of animal–but an animal nonetheless!”

According to Schramm, because we do not punish animals for their immoral behavior, atheists have no moral standing upon which to base a judgment. He continues:

“With no Creator to set the rules, there are no rules. Rather, to be consistent, he should contend that his choices are merely his preferences, but as he has already demonstrated, that will not be his play.”

Morality has nothing to do with biblical laws or threats from a Christian god or gods. Morality is determined by the society and the time we live in, and our progressive knowledge of right and wrong. We weight the evidence and seek the “truth” based on that evidence.

What we do not do is “forgive” the offenders because a person accused somehow finds the Christian god and apologized. The president seems to have a special pass in the evangelical Christian community for his own transgressions.

If Krauss’ immortality is based on his sexual misconduct, then he should be punished, as should the president. After all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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