Pedophilia and Pornography In The Church is the most widely used search engine and it seems that those from religiously conservative states seek out pornography on Google more than more liberal populations.

In 2015, the Achieves of Sexual Behavior reposted an abstract of a 2014 paper concerning the number of Google searches for pornography. The 2013 study, “Do American States with More Religious or Conservative Populations Search More for Sexual Content on Google?” looked at Google searches between 2007 and 2008 on Google Analytics.

The study found that there were a “moderate-to-large positive associations between: (1) greater proportions of state-level religiosity and general web searching for sexual content and (2) greater proportions of state-level conservatism and image-specific searching for sex.”

In addition, the study found that “the paradoxical hypothesis that a greater preponderance of right-leaning ideologies is associated with greater preoccupation with sexual content in private internet activity.”

Some may claim that the religious right is only doing research to justify their conservative and religious snobbery. But studies like this prove otherwise.

Even sexual abuse is on the rise in the evangelical communities. A Washington Post reports states:

“Without a centralized theological body, evangelical policies and cultures vary radically, and while some church leaders have worked to prevent abuse and harassment, many have not.”

They tell of a horrific story of a young woman whose church-leader and abuser masturbated while she sat on his lap as a young girl.

The article continues to say because of the decentralization of the evangelical community, there are no hard statistics on abuse. Two of the largest insurance carriers for church liability insurance claim about 260 assaults on minors each year. That does not include those over 18 and those covered by smaller insurance companies.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s (FFRF) newspaper, Freethought Today, lists clergy and laypersons who have been arrested and charged, convicted, sued or found against for everything from sexual abuse to fraud. The results are overwhelming usually taking full two pages of the periodical.

It not that all Christian clergy and laypersons are pedophiles or are seeking out pornographic sites. It may be only a handful, but the numbers are astounding if one read the reports of these “holy” men and women.

To claim the moral high ground is the bread and butter of religious communities. They claim that their holy books and their god(s) give them the knowledge of right and wrong. If a person chooses wrong, then it must be some powerful evil outside force turning them away from their godliness.

Steve Gallagher of the Pure Life Ministries writes, “I am convinced that demonic powers are involved with the entire pornographic industry from top to bottom.” 

Morals are not set by one’s religious beliefs or affiliation, but by the standards of the society in which we live and we expect persons of religious fortitude to have higher standards than the rest of the community.

I suspect that the rising number of “nones,” agnostics and atheist is due in part to this increasing awareness of the immorality of the clergy and lay persons of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other faiths.

Parishioners, young and old, are being lured into immoral acts by those of power in the church, synagogue, temple or mosque. We need to be more vigilant of the indoctrination of our children into religious cults (and they are all cults to some extent), directly and indirectly.

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